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Cryptocurrency for beginners.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

Many people have already noticed that our usual fiat money – Dollars, Euros – are becoming more and more unreliable. In recent years, the purchasing power of dollars and euros has fallen dramatically. Everything that could be bought for 100 dollars 20 years ago – today costs twice as much.
At the same time banks have become unreliable. At any time, any bank can close, leaving its customers without money. Which alternatives exist for long-term storage, as well as with the possibility to increase capital?
There is such an alternative – Cryptocurrencies! Studying how cryptocurrencies work, you can not only safely preserve your capital, but also start earning on it.

How does cryptocurrency work for dummies?

Every day Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity. What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system in which transactions do not involved any banks. It is a system that allows any user, anywhere, to send and receive payments. Cryptocurrency payments exist exclusively in digital form in an online database named – Blogchain, describing specific transactions . Stored Cryptocurrency in digital wallets.
Cryptocurrency exchange is protected against counterfeiting and duplication, and its quantity and issuance is strictly limited, for example for the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), the maximum number of coins is 21 million . This means that no more than 21 million BTC will ever be created. The key feature of cryptocurrencies is decentralization – the absence of any internal or external administrator. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and government authorities cannot influence transactions of crypto digital assets users.

The benefits of invest in cryptocurrencies.

Can cryptocurrencies be considered as a serious investment? Here are many benefits of why you should start investing in crypto

cryptocurrency exchange
cryptocurrency exchange

1. Prevalence and availability. Anyone can purchase and own cryptocurrencies.
2. Constant growth of users and demand for cryptocurrencies. The number of new users for example bitcoin wallets for the previous year has increased by many millions of people. This means that the demand for this cryptocurrency will also grow, which makes bitcoin a guarantee of stability.
3. Large investors are switching to cryptocurrencies. For example, famous broker Mike Maloney, the founder of precious metals investment fund urged investors to use bitcoin as a mandatory investment in their portfolios in case of financial markets instability and unforeseen economic downturns. He stated that gold is becoming less and less reliable. Bitcoin is taking the lead. Buying cryptocurrencies today is the most effective way to protect yourself from shocks to the global financial system.
4. Cryptocurrencies are an digital assets that is growing every year and currently has great potential. You are at a great entry point right now.
5. The world’s largest companies invest in cryptocurrencies. Grayscale, CoinShares, MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital Holdings, 3iQ, ETC Group Bitcoin ETP, Square Inc and Tesla buy cryptocurrency. These companies are professionals in financial and technology sector and are well-versed in the nature of money and technology trends.
6. More than half of the world’s banks have already invested in companies related to cryptocurrency and/or blockchain. It’s not always a direct investment, but that doesn’t change the point. The most active cryptocurrency investors include Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and BNP Paribas, among others.
7. More and more states are on the way to accept cryptocurrencies, which means that they are beginning to be regulated and made part of citizens’ normal lives along with other types of assets. In Germany and Japan, bitcoin is recognized as a payment unit. In Switzerland, cryptocurrencies are subject to the same rules as other foreign currencies, Singapore has fully legalized crypto, El Salvador uses Bitcoin on a par with the US dollar. Also Estonia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Malta, Bermuda, Australia, Canada and other countries regulate cryptocurrencies and allow their use at one level or another.
8. Cryptocurrencies are used as a protective asset. Cryptocurrencies can be used to save and preserve your savings from inflation and even theft. Keeping your savings in fundamentally strong assets will not only protect your capital, but help it grow many times over.

Where you can learn to use cryptocurrencies?

Before you start investing, you must get to know the world of cryptocurrency. You must have a good understanding of what every move you make means and what it’s aimed at. It’s the general knowledge of cryptocurrencies, markets and trading that you need to start with.
Here are some tutorials to help you understand and learn how to make money from cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin Profit Secrets

brand new product called “Bitcoin Profit Secrets”. With Bitcoin Profit Secrets, you are getting a step-by-step course that will teach you advanced techniques to mastering and profiting from bitcoin. You can take a look and grab your copy here: “Bitcoin Profit Secrets”

You can grab your copy here: “Bitcoin Profit Secrets”



2. “The 20 Minute Trader” Master Class

“The 20-Minute Trader” is a revolutionary new way to get an edge in the Stock Market. Unlike anything else, it uses predictable patterns and the trades last only minutes…or seconds. What is In It? … 28 LESSONS, 3.5 HOURS OF VIDEO CONTENT. There’s REALLY no course even similar. Not even close. This system is based on no existing methods, only on one teacher stumbling across a hack, perfecting it, instructing hundreds of others who nailed it themselves. And then recording it for others.

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How to buy cryptocurrency?

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, each of which offers different cryptocurrencies, wallet storage and the ability to earn and increase your capital. The most popular and reliable are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken. These exchangers are well protected from hacking, and even if there is a break-in, the exchange finds the culprits and returns the stolen investments.
It is necessary to examine such things as the reputation of the exchange, its accessibility, user-friendliness, customer support, supported cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Exchanges may offer many cryptocurrencies and pairs for trading, but they cannot cover all cryptocurrencies, so you may have to deal with several platforms. Some will offer cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency, while others will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies for USD.
Here is a selection of the three best cryptocurrency trading platforms. Sign up for them and learn their functionality from the inside. It is recommended to spread your capital in at least three different exchanges. Observe over time which one you are more comfortable with.


Click to Coinbase and try your trading now ! (we recommend starting with small amounts)



Click to BITTREX and try your trading now ! (we recommend starting with small amounts)



Click to BITVAVO and try your trading now ! (we recommend starting with small amounts)



Click to BINANCE and try your trading now ! (we recommend starting with small amounts)

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